Thursday, 22 November 2012

French Toast for breakfast.

Feeling completely drained and a bit quizzy! For the past two months I really have not been eating very healthily. Not that I'm particularly a healthy eater really, but I think I used to have a regimen that suited me. I pretty much eat everything I like. In moderation... somewhat! But recently, I've been taking a packet of custard cream biscuits to bed with me... pretty much every night... the double packs! That's not moderation. I knew it was bad for me but I kept thinking "this is bound to stop eventually". It finally did stop with some conscious effort. Almost a week now. Probably the reason why I feel quizzed-out inside.

My eating habits have been greatly influenced by pregnancy diets. The overall principle of which is eating often and making each bite count for something nutritionally. Each time I was pregnant, food was constantly on my mind, but I never really craved anything in particular... except for chicken enchiladas from Taco Bell. At the end of each meal, I knew I was going to eat anything that was available by the time I got hungry again in about an hour, so I planned ahead and made sure most of what I ate was high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. I even eat broccoli, which I absolutely hate! So now I eat string/green beans and mangoes for the health benefits even though I hate them too.

I realized that getting high glycemic carbs and fat into ones diet is fairly easy and often, the foods that are super high in fats and carbs have very little of anything else. I love chips/crisps (I had to fight this one out a few times with my older daughter who used to have a British Brummy accent) as much as everyone else, but I don't eat them simply because they are very low on the nutrient grade. This goes for every other comfort food... except of course chocolate! Now whatever is in that is good for my spirit!

This morning I thought "French toast", because I've had it with oatmeal every morning! I chose to make it with two slices of low glycemic wheat bread, two large free-range eggs from happy chickens :-), semi-skimmed milk, a quarter teaspoon of 'half spoon' sugar, olive oil margarine and some vanilla extract.

Served with strawberry jam, half a sliced banana, and a cup of semi-skimmed lactofree mocca (happily back on coffee)! The apple I will eat between now and lunch :-)
Wheat bread does not taste very good if one is not used to eating it, but it is high in fiber and minerals, low glycemic, taking longer to digest and keeping one feeling "fuller for longer" (borrowing a Marks & Spencer tagline). Eggs are high in protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. I always buy "free-range" because I'm against animal cruelty. I only use 'half spoon' sugar because it tastes like sugar, just sweet. Honey tastes like honey, syrup tastes like syrup, brown sugar tastes like brown sugar, and they are all still high in sugar. 'Half spoon' sugar on the other hand, is half sugar and half sweetener, but it only tastes like sugar, sweet. I've been told that using sweeteners increases one's craving for sugary foods, but right now, I just want to use less sugar without having to get used to the taste of sugar substitutes. I use semi-skimmed lactose free milk because I'm lactose intolerant and whole milk is really very high in fat content. Incidentally, I love foods with milk in them like stroganoffs and cream sauces. I use lactose free milk even when I cook for other people, that way no one goes home bloated thinking it had something to do with my cooking :-)

So today, I had a pick-me-up breakfast and tomorrow, oatmeal will be back in the bowl!
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