Friday, 1 February 2013

Picture post: At home with the girls

Side-swept braids

I got jumbo braids put in yesterday. They are rather heavy and a little uncomfortable. I usually struggle to keep extensions in for even just a short period of time and I have a feeling these braids won't be in for very long. I'm enjoying the way they look though. Today is a Friday off school in support of Francophonie (I got a note from their school saying something about "bilinguation"! I don't know, I'm assuming it's got to do with the Francophonie culture in Cameroon). We stayed up late last night and woke up later this morning. A whole 3 days to get around to homework. No one got pulled out of bed at 6am to get ready for school, and I know which one of us was especially grateful!

Just got braids put in and wanted to take a few pics by myself, but that's not easy to do with these two around.

Grandpa makes every activity a little more fun...
Starting to warm up to Alex the puppy                 
I am still afraid of his teeth!

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