Friday, 1 February 2013

Picture post: At home with the girls

Side-swept braids

I got jumbo braids put in yesterday. They are rather heavy and a little uncomfortable. I usually struggle to keep extensions in for even just a short period of time and I have a feeling these braids won't be in for very long. I'm enjoying the way they look though. Today is a Friday off school in support of Francophonie (I got a note from their school saying something about "bilinguation"! I don't know, I'm assuming it's got to do with the Francophonie culture in Cameroon). We stayed up late last night and woke up later this morning. A whole 3 days to get around to homework. No one got pulled out of bed at 6am to get ready for school, and I know which one of us was especially grateful!

Just got braids put in and wanted to take a few pics by myself, but that's not easy to do with these two around.

Grandpa makes every activity a little more fun...
Starting to warm up to Alex the puppy                 
I am still afraid of his teeth!


  1. miss u,but glad u re there having fun. will phone for follow up as x style....

  2. oo.the girls re adorable, Madddddi has killer eyes

  3. It brings tears to my eyes seeing you with your girls. The joy is written all over your face! Love Fay xx

  4. You look very happy with your girls. Hope you achieve your goals while yoyr there. Rachel


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