Saturday, 5 April 2014

Poem: Born Contrary

Born contrary

Born happily free
to play
to feel
to question?
Not so certain.

Born with a will
to be
to learn
to want?
You must be joking.

Born in a time and place
to abide
to concede
to submit?
But why? I ask.

Why do I feel I should learn to concede
If I'm born free to be me and only me?
Why is it a task for me to abide?
Maybe I'm born all wrong
to think I'm free but not at all
to feel I'm brawn when truly I'm meek
to be contrary rather than concede.

Why do I need to stir up the scene?
To want to remind
that I'm born free just to be?
As I think, I can see
that I'm born free to protest
when anyone seems
to be born to contest.

~ Mabedie ~

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