Saturday, 1 December 2012

Eating for my afflictions

Body barometers are what I have for hands and feet. I either have very poor circulation or a deficiency of  some sort because I have the coldest hands and feet on anyone I know. Almost every time I shake someone's hand, they usually do a mock shiver and exclaim "wow, cold hand", to which I apologize even though I can't help it. Apart from it causing me to deliver a cold jolt for a first impression, I'm also usually on the extreme side of general discomfort and some pain in the colder months of the year and even in summer both indoors and outdoors. If anyone else has this problem, please leave me a comment as to what's up with this particular condition.

I usually know it's a really cold day outside when I wake up and I can't feel the big and index toes on my right foot! If I already feel like this indoors, I know it will be torture going outside and walking anywhere for more than 15 minutes. Warm shoes  don't help at all. Socks and gloves might help if they actually generate their own heat instead of preventing the loss of heat.

It's been suggested that I don't have enough fat deposits to help keep my body warm, but I know this is not true because my BMI is normal, I am not the least bit under weight for my height, I do not exercise (planning to adjust this very soon) and I eat... a great deal sometimes, which means I'm not lean! I have my own personal store of fat, just not in obvious places! So, I'm personally ruling out the BMI factor. Another theory is that since I consume a large amount of sugary foods, precisely; ice cream, cookies, biscuits, pastries, cakes and jams; I may have a high fungal infestation which in turn is responsible for the poor circulation to my extremities. I don't know, but I feel that this might be true. The high sugar consumption over the years has to manifest somehow!

In relation to this thought, I've recently decided to reduce my sugar intake. I'm not cutting it out completely because I like life sweet! I've stopped buying the items from the list above, except jam. Also, I had planned to buy a box of Cinnabons (which I have located on google maps) at some point before the year ends, so I'm still going to eat that! I've also started drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar (I'm still looking for the unfiltered kind) and a teaspoon of honey, every morning and evening. I'm really hoping this helps with my cold extremities, as well as other afflictions such as adult acne (this one is fairly new and getting worse, part of the reason why I'm not taking pictures of myself these days).

Today it was nice and sunny for about 4 hours (that's pretty good for the UK), but Winter has finally settled upon us, as today's temperature high was aroun43°F/6°C. My comfort zone is usually 15°C and up! On a day like this, I try to eat a lot of warm and gooey things. I had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. I thought about making a bowl of very spicy chicken noodle soup for lunch,  but decided on some chicken thighs, grilled in garlic and herbs, a leafy salad with a small chopped apple served with honey mustard dressing, and a buttered crusty roll. For dinner, it's going to be Corn-chaff with smoked fish, left over from yesterday. It is a simple dish made from corn and beans, that is very common in anglophone Cameroon. I used frozen sweetcorn and canned red kidney beans. The original recipe is made with palm oil and dried crayfish, but I substitute the oil with sunflower seed oil, and I don't use dried crayfish in this particular dish. Here's a link to another Cameroonian blogger who just totally kills(in a good way) corn-chaff! My recipe has chopped tomatoes and onions, ginger and garlic, a large scotch bonnet, smoke dried fish (bones taken out), a Knorr cube (chicken broth), salt, black pepper, and sunflower seed oil.

Oatmeal with coconut milk, topped with raisin bran cereal.

A bowl of leafy greens with 1 small royal gala apple, chopped. 2 chicken thighs and 1 flat crusty roll, buttered.

With my hand in the picture for size

A bowl of corn-chaff


  1. I wonder if anyone sells heated boots and gloves? Some people just have a poor circulation :(
    Posted by Fay x

    worth a google. :)
    Posted by Fay x

  3. Thanks Fay, will check this out.


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