Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sightseeing: Borough Market

Sunny and dry days in London are days to be out soaking in the sights. I went to Borough market yesterday, at London Bridge. It reminded me of the outdoor market at Birmingham city centre, but it has more of the Christmas market feel to it, with many stalls where food is being prepared and people queuing/standing in line with their hands in their pockets, waiting their turn to grab a bite of something to eat. It is a whole lot busier than any market I've been to in Birmingham. Standing still is a bad idea! Brits have a tendency to bump into people and I find that I spend a lot of energy trying to avoid being bumped into when I'm standing still in crowds. It's easier to tolerate being in a crowd if I just keep moving. I met up with a friend and we headed to The George Inn, a historic pub on Borough High Street, for a sit-down chat over drinks.

Roof of Borough market with The Shard in view.

Christmas decor

The most varied selection of mushrooms I've ever seen.

What I can do with these in some pepper soup!

Paella looking good!

The poultry stand. Looking at hanging pheasants and partridges.

"Chococake"(2 year old Nahdia would probably exclaim thus)!

Yes, indeedy!

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