Saturday, 10 August 2013

Pencil Skirt in block print

With this cloth I didn't have to look around for inspiration. Making a pencil skirt with it just made sense. I'm just recovering from Typhoid fever (fairly common in Cameroon) with long sleepless nights characterized by high fever and hallucinations, so my energy level has been very low. Good thing this skirt was not much of a challenge since I've made several of them already. I copied the cut from a pencil skirt I bought for £5 early last year. The fabric of the original skirt has a little stretch to it so I had to make sure the cut on this one had enough give. I put in a slim waist band, aback zipper, a top button on the waist band, and an overlapping kick slit in the back. This particular cut I love because it fits perfectly and drops to just below the knees, making it great for work, or a really nice dinner. It can be dressed down with a tank top, a denim shirt and flats; or dressed up with ablouse, a cardigan or blazer, jewelry and heels. The sun came out after almost two weeks of continuous rain in Kumba. Just the kind of day for some colour, I thought, so I paired my newly made skirt with a rather feminine red racer-back blouse with frills, and red medium heels. I've been wearing my hair in medium twists for more than a week now. Did an up-do to tidy it up.

Pencil skirt in African print fabric.

Accessories List 
Red racer-back Blouse (Vero Moda)
Red sued shoes (Peter Kaiser)
Jewelry: Pakistani gold necklace, bracelet and ring (Gift)
Gold flower earrings ( can't remember where I got these)
Chain and charm bracelet (Juicy Couture) 

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