Wednesday, 31 July 2013

60s Retro dress in red weave Print

I absolutely love retro style. The 40s, 50s and 60s provide some of my favourite style inspirations. This will be the first time I've used a sewing pattern since I picked up this hobby anew. This particular pattern is for a Butterick Retro '60s dress with a fitted bodice, circle-cut flared skirt, high front neckline, low back and side zipper (I opted out of the decorative bows). The cloth is afro-print with a repetitive geometric weave pattern in red, yellow and brown. I thought it was just the sort of repetitive print pattern that is best shown off in a full skirt. Today, I tried to recreate a somewhat authentic '60s look.

Butterick 5748. '60s Retro pattern
 '60s full-circle flared dress in African print fabric.

Accessories list:
Gold and diamond flower motif earrings (Custom made).
Multi-strand pearl necklace and bracelet with gold clasps (Swarovski).
Gold bracelet with heart charm (Juicy Couture).
Nude, patent leather, slim belt with a gold buckle clip (Primark).
Nude faux leather trapeze satchel (River Island).
Rounded toe, off-white, high-heeled, patent leather pumps (Gomax).


  1. Ma Bedie, e be like say you di enjoy da Kumba pass all man oh. I love the dress. I've never really thought about that pattern, but it is really beautiful

    1. Ma Dibs, if enjoyment na for shidon house months on end, then my own enjoyment of dis Kumba na different level. Na dis sewing di keep me going nowadays. Thanks for the comment babe.


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