Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Look: Annie Hall

The Woody Allan romantic comedy movie, Annie Hall has provided great entertainment as well as style inspiration for decades. The central character's (Annie Hall played by Diane Keaton) style is unusually androgynous and quite "out there" not only for 1977, but also for present day. I remember watching the movie for the second time last year, and being thoroughly amused by the quick wit in the dialogue, the quirky characters, the funny plot, and most especially, being wowed by the costume. I remember that I kept saying, "I have that", "I want that", and "I would totally wear that" a few times out loud, much to the chagrin of my company!

I have recreated this look a couple of times in different ways. My favourites are with Wide-legged denim, khaki, linen, nautical shorts, and the cotton seersucker trousers in this post. Flats, low-heeled or high-heeled brogues. Black or navy pinstripe vest. White shirt or White elbow-length sleeve v-neck t-shirt. I think my bust-line makes a knotted tie look quite over-the-top, but I think it can look great on some women! I prefer jewelry around my neck. Here's a collage of some key items in the look.

Here is how I wore it today: Wide-legged seersucker pants, GAP. White v-neck collarless shirt, Forever21, Black linen vest, Banana Republic. Black/white flat brogues, F-Troupe. Black satin ribbon (as belt).

I admire women who's style sense I consider somewhat out of the ordinary. The casual androgynous look is for women who have a confident, non-conforming, free-spirited self-image. I find that men's wear is very comfortable and the incongruity of masculine-cut clothes on the feminine form is quite sensual and flattering. The Annie Hall is a later adaptation of an earlier classic style movement which was launched in the 40s. It is even more relevant in our fashion generation thanks to a wide variety of men's wear items that have been adapted into the female wardrobe. 

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