Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sewing project: Print wrap top

I love blues and greens. This print was an instant "yes" for my friend Sosh and I when we went fabric shopping a few months ago. I had been looking it over, torn between making a skirt or a mini shift dress. I wanted a bit of a challenge so I set out to make a shift dress without a pattern.

I like the more abstract Afro print fabrics. Looks like a meandering river with felled trees on it's mud banks!

I figured it would be an easy enough challenge, except for one important detail; for the life of me, I can not attach sleeves properly. Tried numerous times with disastrous results. To solve the problem of crooked sleeves, I decided to go with this sort of capped sleeve, by cutting a wider curved shoulder and attaching sailor cuffs. I don't think they're actually called that... making this stuff up as I go!

The cut ended up all wrong and I was stuck staring at the ruined cloth every morning for almost a week, trying to figure out how to salvage this beautiful fabric. Finally, I got the idea to just change the cut and make a top instead. I cut a plunging V out of the front, kept the sleeves, cut off the bottom length, and attached two overlapping flaps in the front, to which I also attached two long belts (one slightly longer than the other). After a lot of nips and tucks, I ended up with a pretty decent wrap top.

Sailor cuff sleeve.

Aqua Afro print wrap top.

Made a hole through side seam to let one of the belts through.

Dark blue skinny jeans, Zara Trafaluc (curtesy, D). Shoes, Alberto Guardiani (curtesy, Mom). 

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