Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sewing project: Geometric print mini

A couple of weeks ago I was given a little piece of print fabric when my mom could not find the rest of the cloth, so the scarf would not be of much us to her, since she had nothing to match it with. The minute I saw it, I thought the geometric print was brilliant. I imagined it would be enough for a trapeze blouse with spaghetti straps. A blouse in this print would look great with dark jeans. That was the plan for this itsy bit of fabric until the day I decided to cut it, then I realized that the print is too bold and the white horizontal lines would not work very well for a trapeze top. The best way to show off the print would be to make a skirt. A pencil skirt would be long enough to show repetition in the print but then there would be these three oddly placed horizontal lines. Not very sleek for a pencil skirt, but a mini would work perfectly. Finding a centre in the print was the easy part. I haven't quite mastered the right way to cut a straight skirt in non-stretchy cotton fabric, so I had to adjust and readjust the cut until I got it to fit properly. I had to lower the hem in the back and take in the middle seam to prevent the back from hanging in that awful school-girlish way! The skirt is not very tightly fitted so I didn't need to put in kick slit in the back. I was even left with some fabric for a matching scarf, and this is how I turned it all into an outfit. Enjoy!


I did eyeshadow. Thrilled it turned out this way!

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