Saturday, 30 August 2014

Rain drops and morning dew

Once again, it is the rainy season in Kumba. The hot dry spell has long gone and I am reveling in the splendors of the wet season. I love this about Cameroon. At every turn, there is something old that seems completely new. Things I've probably seen a million times, that I'm only now noticing, as if for the very first time. There are many little details that are so unique to this hemisphere. I've recently started exercising... finally! I do a 3 mile power-walk/jog every morning, on days when the rain is not pouring to the point of the muddy roads becoming completely flooded. Photography is not a very good companion for my exercise routine. I have had to throw out timing since I tend to make frequent stops to check out details and take pictures. The way water droplets catch the light in the morning, before the full force of the rising sun makes them vanish into the humid air, is beautiful to behold. In the early morning, there are little twinkles of water on pretty much everything. Some of my favourites are seen here on grass floret spikes, grass blades, giant coco-yam leaves (colocasia) and spiderwebs... enjoy!


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  1. love the pics...... captured the peaceful essence of seasonal rain .... morning dew.............. rain drops and greenery


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