Friday, 13 September 2013

Lifestyle Stores Inc. Coming to a market near you.

Hello readers. If you live within the South-west Region or travel down here often, this post will probably be noteworthy for you or someone you know. I have written only briefly about my natural haircare routine and provided links to sources for my products last year. Since moving from the UK to Cameroon earlier this year, you're probably wondering how I'm keeping my mane in check without my beloved Boots store at every major street corner. Well, lucky for me, a new store has recently opened it's doors within our area in Cameroon. This means fewer shopping trips to Douala. Lifestyle Stores Inc., has filled a void in my area by bringing much needed quality products to our region of the country. As I made my way down the aisles, I was pleasantly surprised to see the same quality shampoos, conditioners and countless other products that I used regularly in the UK on their shelves . If anyone else is like me, they also probably dislike hopping from store to store in the hustle and bustle of the Kumba Main Market (especially in the rainy season), while trying to politely avoid the beckoning store keepers who most often are not carrying what you are looking for. Lifestyle Stores Inc. which is a one-stop shop for pretty much all your household needs makes for convenience while shopping in Kumba's largest and most congested commercial area.

Lifestyle Stores Inc. also boasts a burgeoning adult clothing department with both menswear, womenswear, shoes, handbags and other accessories. Today I'm featuring this beautiful mustard and black polka dotted skater dress with accessories from Lifestyle Stores Inc. This dress comes in different colours, fabrics and sizes. Grab one now while supplies last.

Items featured
Yellow and black dotted skater dress ( Influence )
Black court heels ( Elie Tahari )
Black and gold tassel earrings ( H&M)
Black faux laser-cut bangle ( Express )

The two Lifestyle Stores Inc. in the South-West Region are located in Kumba, at the far left corner in the Main Market parking lot area; and in Buea at Mile 17. Here is a link to their website. Apparently, you can order items through their customer service line and have them delivered to a store near your area in a reasonable amount of time. Keep an eye out for future featured items from Lifestyle Stores Inc. Happy shopping!


  1. Adorable 50's style dress love the print and the color. so beautiful.


  2. Lovely piece of writing Bedie


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