Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Spotted: West African Red-vented Weaver

I spotted this bird yesterday morning, and then again this morning on my way to drop the kids off. Both times at the very same spot, perched on a high stalk within some very tall grass. I figured it must have a nest nearby. I took my camera for a walk as soon as I got home, and found the bird exactly where I'd seen it earlier. At first glimpse I'd thought it was probably a kingfisher, but on closer zoom, I was able to see that aside from it's colouring, it is very similar to the many weaving birds that make their home in this part of the country. I see quite a variety of weavers around these parts all the time, but the Red-vented Weaver (aka Red-vented Malimbe) seems to be more of the solitary type. In the 30 minutes  that I stalked this individual darting about, singing happily, I did not spot any potential companions nearby. The bird did the singing. I was more preoccupied with watching where I stepped in the grass which looked like prime hiding or living quarters for snakes.  Here is a link to an informative article on weavers Enjoy!

West African Red-vented Weaver

Red-vented Weaver

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