Thursday, 23 October 2014

After my own heart!

Bird-watching essentials: A copy of Birds of the World, and Nikon Medallion S binoculars.

Bird watching is probably an unusual hobby in some circles and most people I know don't look at these animals quite as interestingly as I do most of the time. I am happy to know that I have been able to entertain some of my readers, followers, friends and family with my adventurous stalking of birds. I try not to bore people I meet by bringing up the topic, but I'm ever so happy to oblige when someone brings it up in conversation. Imagine my elation when none other than my dear sister-in-law, Rene, surprised me with a present to support my hobby. A Nature Guide catalogue of Birds of the World. Now I can get familiar with interesting birds even before I actually spot them in real life. Thanks to this book I'm more aware of the migratory birds that seasonally come through the forest regions in Cameroon, and I can keep an eye out for them. Some of them I've already spotted but haven't had the opportunity to take photographs yet. I'm ever so grateful for this very thoughtful present. Now my readers can benefit from my renewed interest in roaming about through overgrown bushes, orchards and forests, looking for colourful flying creatures. You are the best... Smooches :-*

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