Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Chasing Sky lights

It had been threatening to rain, but it quickly stopped after a very brief sprinkle. Our tropical sky doesn't always reveal much beauty during the rainy season because it is usually dark and heavy with cloud cover and only little peeps of sun here and there. On this particular day, I'd been looking out for birds. I usually check out the silhouette of this unusual tree in the distance. It has no foliage and it sticks out like a sour thumb among the rest of the trees on our forest outline, but it makes it easy for me to know when large raptors are on the prowl since they love to perch on the bare branches of this tree. I'd seen some majestic falcons in the area and I had been trying to take photographs. I noticed a rainbow above some roof-tops and I forgot all about the birds. I literally, began chasing the sky lights. I am glad that my quest for these impressive birds at the very hour when the sun began it's final descent, allowed me to see this beautiful display of lights moving through the sky during a sunset.


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